About Us

The Society for Queer Asian Studies (SQAS) seeks to promote research on non-normative, or “queer,” genders and sexualities in Asia in any discipline or multidisciplinary field and, concomitantly, to provide support for Asia scholars with an interest in queer issues in Asia. We have a particular concern with supporting scholars whose research may be difficult or controversial in their focus region. SQAS is an affiliate of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS).

SQAS is open to anyone interested in or who identifies with the academic study of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and other gender/sexual diverse peoples in the Asian region. Although originating from the AAS, welcomes people in any region of the world studying LGBTQ peoples in Asia.  We especially encourage the participation of academics based in Asia. 

Among our current projects and goals are the coordination of LGBTQ panel proposals for AAS conferences in North America and Asia, providing a forum to strategize about greater representation of LGBTQ scholarship and issues at AAS, and sharing information about other academic endeavors related to LGBTQ Asia.

Governing Board (2015–2017)
James Welker (Kanagawa University), co-chair

Elisabeth Lund Engebretsen (University of Oslo), co-chair

Howard Chiang (University of California, Davis), secretary
Shana Ye (University of Toronto), communications director
Stephen Miller (University of Massachusetts Amherst), treasurer

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